Friday, February 23, 2007

(Assisting) Political Science 40

I did not collect citations information for the February 2007 update. I just did not have the time. However, I decided to to something close to that - figure out who are the 40 most cited assistant professors of political science (in PhD granting departments, as of February 23, 2007).

Unfortunately, the Web of Science information is sometimes quite inaccurate, so I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the following lists. See January 2007 PS: Political Science & Politics article on PS400 for various problems with coding citations data. A few remarks - every citation counts fully, even if the piece is co-authored (or in one case - "in collaboration with"); in case of co-authored books (and in one case - software), I manually counted cites to the book (software) so that co-authors don't lose out (Web of Science does not list co-authors...).

I collected two pieces of information - first, a ranking by name and then the most cited articles/books/software where a current assistant professor is a (co-)author. The top publication list is in the next post. Please let me know of any problems (you may leave an anonymous comment; I will not publish it if you don't want me to).

One strong caveat - ranking assistant professors based on the citation information is not a very valid "ranking," unfortunately. Two main reasons: 1. The most cited people have usually stayed on the assistant level for longer than usual (they should actually be compared with people of their "age"); 2. Disregarding co-authorship distorts the results quite strongly (very often, a paper published when the current assistant professor was still in graduate school). Nevertheless, I think more information is always better.

Assisting Professors 40:
(in parentheses, current school is given first, followed by PhD school and graduation year, then followed by the number of cites in the second parenthesis)

1. Regina M. Baker (Oregon, Michigan 2002) (448)
2. Michael Tomz (Stanford, Harvard 2001) (419)
3. Jason Wittenberg (Berkeley, MIT 1999) (334)
4. James Honaker (UCLA, Harvard 2001) (235)
5. Anthony McGann (UC Irvine, Duke 1999) (165)
6. Olga Shvetsova (SUNY Binghamton, CalTech 1995) (156)
7. Jenna Bednar (Michigan, Stanford 1998) (151)
8. Colin Elman (Arizona State, Columbia 1999) (138)
9. Hein Goemans (Rochester, Chicago 1995) (135)
10. Doug Gibler (Alabama, Vanderbilt 1997) (129)
11. Christopher Federico (Minnesota, UCLA Psychology 1001) (119)
12. T.K. Ahn (Florida State, Indiana 2001) (94)
13. Linda Camp Keith (Texas-Dallas, North Texas 1999) (89)
14. Zachary Elkins (Illinois, Berkeley 2002) (88)
15. Joanne Miller (Minnesota, Ohio State psychology 2000) (83)
16. Janelle Wong (USC, Yale 2001) (81)
17. Ian Hurd (Northwestern, Yale 2000) (79)
18. Kevin M. Quinn (Harvard, WashU 1999) (78)
19. Carole J. Wilson (Texas-Dallas, UNC 2001) (77)
20. Michele L. Swers (Georgetown, Harvard 2000) (75)
21. Zoltan L. Hajnal (UCSD, Chicago 1998) (74)
21. Paul Lewis (Arizona State, Princeton 1994) (74)
21. Monika L. McDermott (Connecticut, UCLA 1999) (74)
21. Layna Mosley (UNC, Duke 1999) (74)
25. Michael D. Cobb (North Carolina State, Illinois 2001) (72)
25. John Transue (Duke, Minnesota 2001) (72)
27. David E. Campbell (Notre Dame, Harvard 2002) (69)
27. Henry E. Hale (George Washington, Harvard 1998) (69)
29. Henry Farrell (George Washington, Georgetown 2000) (68)
30. Brian Sala (UC Davis, UCSD 1994) (67)
30. Mark J.C. Crescenzi (UNC, Illinois 2000) (67)
30. Milana A. Vachudova (UNC, Oxford 1997) (67)
33. Jeffery A. Jenkins (Northwestern, Illinois 1999) (66)
34. Gretchen Helmke (Rochester, Chicago 2000) (65)
35. Mala Htun (New School for Social Research, Harvard 2000) (64)
36. Eva Bertram (UC Santa Cruz, Yale 2004) (61)
37. Jan-Werner Müller (Princeton, Oxford 1999) (59)
37. Soo Yeon Kim (Maryland, Yale 1998) (59)
37. Emilie Hafner-Burton (Princeton, Wisconsin 2003) (59)
40. Miki C. Kittilson (Arizona State, UC Irvine 2001) (58)

There are obviously several people right behind the cutoff, so I just mention everyone else as well for whom I counted 50 cites or more (in alphabetical order): Scott Allard, Todd Allee, Scott Basinger, Rachel Cichowski, Scott Desposato, Karen Ferree, Mikhail Filippov, Venelin Ganev, Virginia Hettinger, Joseph Jupille, Andrew G. Long, Brian Moraski, Sebastian Saiegh, Kyle L. Saunders, Heiner Schulz, Pete Wielhouwer, Anne Wren.


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