Friday, November 03, 2006

How many political theory hires in 2005?

Update: see comment. I will update the numbers in the previous post in mid-January [was: in a few days].

I received the following comment:

"7 in theory/ 5 in theory in top 30"

This can't be right. Off the top of my head:

Harvard hired two junior theorists.
Columbia, 2
Yale, 1
Minnesota, 1
OSU, 1.
UC-Riverside, 1
Virginia Tech, 1

That's 7 top 30/ 9 PhD-granting, and I'm sure there are other PhD-granting that I'm forgetting.

First, thanks for the comment. Since I was wondering anyway whether the numbers can really be that low, I re-checked. And added one (Minnesota - Nancy Luxon, starting in 2007; the name did not figure on the website yet since she starts a year later).

The full list that I came up with includes:
Anna Stiltz (Columbia); Eric Beerbohm (Harvard); Nancy Luxon (Minnesota); Eric MacGilvray and S.M. Amadae (Ohio State); Farah Godrey (UC Riverside); Daniel Brunstetter (UC Irvine); Paulina Ochoa (Yale).

From the comment's list - Columbia had one junior hire on associate level (I know that this can be misleading, but I have consistently not included them in any of my data). Virginia Tech does not grant PhDs in political science. I don't know who the second Harvard person is and the Harvard website does not help me. Still, I only have 8/6.

Who else am I missing?